Vallepu Abhishek

Senior Test Engineer
$11,000 / month

About Candidate

I am intending to build a carrier with leading organization with committed and dedicated people, which
helps me to enhance my skills and improve on it.I am willing to work as a key player in challenging and
creative environment.I am seeking position in a dynamic environment within which I can use my abilities
to their limit and my perspective towards the success of the organization and also to develop my own skills.

Testing Skills
Functional Testing
Smoke testing, Functionality Testing, Regression Testing, Sanity Testing, Retesting, Adhoc Testing, Black Box testing
& techniques,Integration Testing & UAT (user acceptance testing), System Testing & Exploratory Testing.
Non- Functional Testing:
Compatibility Testing, Usability Testing & Security Testing

Good working knowledge of Agile Methodology by following the SCRUM framework.
Good working knowledge of Sprint Methodology.
Good knowledge about the different sprint ceremonies like Sprint Planning, Sprint Grooming, Scrum Meetings,
Sprint Reviews, and Sprint Retrospective.

Good working experience in testing the REST API’s & SOAP UI.
Involved in API Response validations against Database and verifying the different API status codes and Response data.
Extensive working knowledge of using JSON and Graph QL formats for API testing.
Working knowledge of Collections, Global Variables, and different Environments concepts.
Good in Testing the REST API services using the POSTMAN tool by using methods like GET, POST, PUT, PATCH and

Andhra Pradesh


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