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Today, businesses must adopt an agile approach to stay on top of the digitalization wave. At WRD, we help companies choose, implement, and manage the latest technologies while automating complex business processes that are nearly impossible to automate with traditional approaches.

We understand what is ultimately required for end customers, processes, and technology for effectively interacting such that your business goals are met. Our expert team of advanced technology consultants deeply diagnose road blockers in your business growth to propose apt strategies and advanced technology to accelerate the pace of digital transformation of your business. Get started now

Unlock the potential
of advanced tech!


As a consultative company, we are capable of designing the most appropriate advanced technology strategy that is aligned with the unique value proposition of each business in conjunction with its level of maturity in technology.


At WRD, our advanced technology professionals are well-trained and highly experienced in many advanced technologies. In addition to possessing in-depth technical knowledge management and communication skills -crucial for the success of any project, they have excellent understanding of leveraging the cross-segment of these technologies to craft apt solutions.

Our key
Advanced Technology Services


Get access to advanced computer vision, context-based personalization, robotic process automation (RPA), speech recognition, and much more.

Low code development

With our low-code development solutions, we allow you to rapidly design enterprise-ready apps and beautiful UIs considerably saving on cost and time.


WRD is committed to the AI/cognitive journey through relevant RPA/IPA solutions. Our RPA/IPA solutions are based on advanced proprietary automation and unattended robotics.


Through our digital technology consulting services, you can effectively create interactive chatbots and deliver automated conversations for improved engagement.

Data Analytics

We create business intelligence systems that deliver quick and easy-to-digest insights about a business and its customers.


As an advanced technology solution provider, we help our clients leverage IoT and interactive technologies to build on data-integrated machine-driven intelligence.

Maximizing digital transformation with advanced technology consultancy

With cutting-edge advanced technology solutions, you can fully automate your daily business operations
as well as strategically shape the future of your company.

Competitive pricing

Flexible engagement and pricing model based on the scope and nature of the consulting services we offer.

Clear value proposition

Ensuring smart IT investments with lower total cost of ownership, service quality improvement, quick ROI and expansion into new revenue streams.

Assisted transformation

In-depth assistance for tech enablement. Leverage our center of excellence for advanced tech to achieve optimum outcomes.

Helping You with
the practical approach

We are a pioneering digital advanced tech services provider. We have successive collaborations with leading technology partners to strategize and deliver a comprehensive range of advanced technology solutions across industry 4.0, cloud implementation, robotic process automation, internet of things and so more.

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