Delivering modernization & upgradation strategically!

Helping businesses maximise their existing investments in digital assets with new technology advancements. Our modernization and upgrade professionals keep up with the ever-changing tech landscape to help organisations stay ahead. 

Modernization and enhancement of old legacy applications creates a modern information system capable of meeting the difficulties of a growing organisation and evolving user needs. WRD provides effective guidance for flawless operations as well as rapid transformations inside organisational frameworks.

Modernizing every aspect of your business!


A thorough assessment of legacy application code and infrastructure, establishing new requirements, and charting out possibilities of modernization.


Ascertaining your performance goals and guiding you with proven strategies and bespoke services that provide the best fit to your digital agenda and case.

Modernization & Upgradation Services

Modernization Consulting

We offer consulting services to help organizations come up with the right plan to safeguard existing investment in technology and at the same time modernize components and processes to incorporate new information needs seamlessly.

UI/UX Enhancements

One of the important aspects of modernization and upgradation is the redesigning the User-Experience with the purpose of providing the ease of consuming products or services to modern digital customer behavior.

Application Integrations

Enterprises over a period gather islands of information systems. We identify such breaks in information flow amongst several business function-specific applications and chart out a strategy to create a connected information framework.

Revolutionizing businesses with a
connected information framework

Our transformation and upgradation advisory team recognize the critical role of risk management and
implement the modernization process that is manageable, traceable, and achieves its purpose.

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