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A  Content Management System that provides flexible and extensible modules to completely optimize the customer experience on different channels, enabling companies to reap numerous benefits.

Kentico solutions for every
business needs

Built with a robust ASP.Net framework, Kentico CMS can be easily modified or extended to fit every business needs. Famous for its out-of-the-box features and flexibility, it is used to create simple and complex enterprise level applications. We strive to create custom and high-performing Kentico solutions for every industry niche.

Why Kentico CMS?

One of the fastest-growing CMS for managing content on the web, Kentico CMS promises greater flexibility and control over the way companies choose to release information, connect with their intended customers and communicate with their customers. Beyond the fundamental capabilities of collaboration, authoring, and managing web-based media, Kentico CMS allows working using powerful tools to dramatically improve the user experience of websites both on the front-end and the back-end.

Our comprehensive Kentico CMS
‍development services

Kentico CMS allows an extensive selection of web-based platforms and applications built by using the framework, as many such aspects need to be considered when developing the application. We ensure that each business’s requirements and objectives are achieved through our custom services. Our selection of Kentico CMS development services includes:

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Use our practical expertise to enhance functionality, improve user experience, and encourage more excellent conversion rates.

A powerful CMS with large
‍pool of features

Kentico CMS has a bucket full of features that can be used to turn your business into a lead-generating machine. Take a look at some of the best features available in the Kentico CMS.

Visual page builder

Kentico has an MVC-based drag-and-drop visual page builder built on solid front-end frameworks. It allows marketers to create and provide a personalized content experience to their clients.

Easy content personalization

It is a user-friendly tool that allows marketers to provide targeted content. It uses customer insight obtained from Kentico Analytics to trigger marketing automation and provide personalized content as per customers’ preferences.

Simplified e-commerce API

Kentico provides simple yet powerful APIs for e-commerce. It allows developers to remain focused on creating engaging shopping experiences, customized content, and increasing conversion rates without stressing programming the APIs by hand.

Unification with Kontent

Kentico Kontent enables you to simplify and manage multiple content channels using one interface. It unifies your experience, which lets you access all streams through a single hub. It eliminates the possibility of missing an important channel update.

Highly customized mobile layouts

Developers can have total control over the site’s layout. It provides customized layouts for mobile devices for every mobile device profile that guarantee seamless and rapid delivery of content without having to think about the mobile device that is being targeted.

Automatic image resizing

Kentico has features that can enhance the user experience for users on mobile devices. Kentico has an automatic image resizing function, which allows the resizing of every image on the site to be compatible with the intended device, which reduces the time it takes to load the website.

Hire dedicated Kentico CMS developers

WRD is a well-known Kentico CMS development company focusing on end-to-end Kentico solutions. With highly experienced developers behind the wheel and designers, our Kentico website development offerings help businesses in making the most of the feature-rich CMS with custom-designed solutions that work with various verticals of the market.


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