Rishabh Jha

Python Developer having 7 years of experience in Exploratory data analysis using numpy, Pandas and Matplotlib
$4,086 / month
January 26, 1991

About Candidate

I am a Python Developer having around 7 years of experience in analyzing, designing, and transforming data. I am proficient in Python programming with great hands on experience in Exploratory Data Analysis using Numpy, Pandas and Matplotlib.

In addition to this, I have done Backend Development in REST APIs using Python and testing the same using Postman.

I have good experience in working with clients in remote culture in different timezones and in domains- Healthcare, Banking and Retail sector.

I am a critical and logical thinker and have the ability to understand the client’s requirements and find solution in a much suitable optimised code. I am a team player and a highly motivated individual. I ensure accountability in the workplace and complete all the assigned work in timely manner.

I have great experience in analysing the flow of code and fixing bugs, if they arise, and write appropriate unit test cases to strengthen the code.

I have also good understanding and have fluency in spoken and written English. My communication is very clear.

I am willing to be part of the organisation where I can get freedom to show my skills at international level and be a part of the team which implements ideas for global cause. I am open to work at International locations.




Bachelor of Technology 2009-2013
West Bengal University of Technology

Electronics and Communication Engineer having keen understanding of Networking and passion towards building software applications using Python

Work & Experience

Senior Technical Consultant Dec-2021 - Aug-2022

• Worked as a Machine Learning and Python Developer. • Was part of the team responsible for developing and maintaining trading platform applications for ICICI bank in India. • Created REST API for Email id, Phone numbers, OTP, and fingerprint validation during account registration. • Wrote REST API for Pancard and Aadhaar card validation. This authenticates the data provided by the user with the data present in Government Database using the Pandas module. • Implemented the validation of APIs using Postman. • Did Versioning in Bitbucket using Git. • Managed and Included Backend Development, Data Engineering, and Data Analysis using Python, Pandas, Numpy, and Matplotlib to meet the end-to-end expectations.

Senior Software Engineer Nov-2020 - Dec-2021

Part of the Data Analysis team. • Responsible for getting real estate details from the seller using Python and Machine Learning in Backend and publishing them on the website after inspecting, verifying, and doing quality checks. • Developed new features to the software application using Python.·  • Fixed bugs, gathered requirements, and designed new solutions.  • Scheduled jobs using DAG for scraping the real estate data on a daily/weekly/monthly basis using Apache Airflow. • Accountable for versioning of the codes in Bitbucket and Github using Git. • Ran the whole process by doing Backend Development, Data Engineering, Machine Learning, and Data Analysis using Python, Pandas, Numpy, and Matplotlib.

Senior Software Engineer Oct-2018 - Sep-2019

• Gathered data using the principle of Raman Spectroscopy after scanning the oil using Raman Spectrometer. • Developed a predictive model using Machine Learning so that when an oil sample is passed through it, it finds the percentage of impurity present in it. • Ran data analysis and data cleansing using Python, Pandas, NumPy, and Data visualization using Matplotlib. • Responsible for the versioning of the codes done in Bitbucket and Github using Git. • Accountable for Data Cleansing, SQL, Data Engineering, and Data Analysis using Python, Pandas, Numpy, and Matplotlib to meet end-to-end expectations.


Exploratory Data Analysis

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